Simplifying Origination Journey

Harness Salesforce with ACT21 Software

Harness Salesforce with ACT21 Software

Financial institutions realise that they cannot maintain the time to market and pace of innovation by trying to do everything by themselves. They need a strong platform that is open (i.e., API based), cloud based, zero-code, and presents superior time to value and flexibility with clear advantages over the traditional approaches.

These characteristics have been a major factor driving banks towards the Salesforce as a choice of technology platform and today— 68% of the fintechs in the Forbes Top 50 list use Salesforce. However, building a robust on-ground infrastructure with Salesforce needs technical expertise that maps it with your business’s specific goals.

Transformation Strategy

We at ACT21 have extensive expertise and cumulative experience of over 100+ years in empowering the BFSI industry to leverage the Salesforce Platform to digitise its lending cycle. We build an ecosystem for you that unifies all the stakeholders, be it the customer, broker, dealer, or Regional Manager, to create a unified 360-degree view of all of them.


  • Simplified Application Approvals
  • Unified Customer Experience
  • Outsmart the Competition
  • Integrate with 3rd Party Apps
  • Manage Costs
  • Comply with Industry Regulations
  • Ensure Data Security

Solution features

ACT21 harnesses the power of Salesforce to deliver a seamless and transparent digital lending experience with these features.

Automated Workflows for Smooth Process

Digitised (automated) workflows that standardize the entire loan origination process for a seamless lending experience, efficient screening, and de-risking.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

A solution that integrates with 3rd party applications to support Credit Bureau Checks, Financial Analysis, KYC Verification, Documents management, OCR and other regulatory compliances.

Predictive Risk-Mitigation

Inbuilt Rule Engine to proactively predict and control over high-volume operational decisions. This rule engine can be extended for any of the product offerings too.

Seamless Customer Journey

Build analytics and AI based customer experience that leads to a smooth customer journey that lowers the overall approval TAT and operational cost.

Omni-Channel Experience

Build omni-channel experience for customer and internal & external stakeholders that keeps them engaged with your business all the time.

Scalable Platform Supporting Faster Growth

A secure and scalable Cloud platform, that enables faster to-go-market strategies with agility and cost effectiveness.

360-Degree Customer View

360-degree Customer view and easy to configure dashboards for all stakeholders part of the Origination Journey.

Quick Configurations

Configurable Workflow, Products and Masters, integrations which can be easily accessed through mobile, laptops, and desktops.

Process Automation

Overall solution automates key processes like Dedupe, validating Negative & Blacklisted customers, Know Your Customer (KYC) check, and credit score checks in real-time.

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