Incentive Compensation Management

World-class compensation
management solution is built exclusively for BFSI.


Disruptive Compensation Automation

Reduce pay-out cycles by up to 87% with Hyperform, our Disruptive Compensation Automation solution. We understand there is a dire need for financial institutions to effectively administer, calculate, analyze and report incentive compensation programs to reduce potential errors and overpayments to employees, business partners, collection agents and more.

We have observed that 90% of the times there exists an error while manually calculating compensation. So we encourage financial institutions to eliminate spreadsheets and embrace compensation automation which can successfully curb error and drastically reduce the risk associated with it.

Why only compensation automation for sales?

It’s a myth that compensation automation solution is only meant for sales folks! We are demystifying this myth with Hyperform.

We understand that your sales team needs to be highly motivated and there should be a focused compensation plan devised exclusively for them but the fact is - a very small percentage of an organizational work-force comprises of sales folks. Organizations need to widen their horizons and apply well defined metrics-based compensation or some of the reward systems to other important stake-holders like HR, Operations, IT & even include outsourced business partners Collection Agencies, Verification Agencies, Marketing Agencies, etc. By achieving this synergy financial institutions can amplify their growth and spike-up their profits.

Why Hyperform?

Delivering something unique.

  • Workflows for System-driven Approvals - The system has configurable workflows and controls in places to efficiently manage and monitor payouts.
  • Seamless Implementation - It can be seamlessly integrated with the existing technology ecosystem such as core-banking & payroll systems of the company.
  • Powerful Modeling Platform - Facilitates introduction and implementation of new compensation plans, with minimal lead-time to meet changing strategies.
  • Achieve smooth compensation adjustments - Compensation Adjustments like Payout Hold-back, Claw-back of commission from prior months, Advance Payout, Deviations, Manual Adjustments made easy with Hyperform.


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