Enabling Real-Time Business Decisions with Dynamically Changing Business Landscape UNDERWRITER360

Increase productivity and reduce cost by up to 70%

Underwriter360 is a futuristic & unique solution to help organization leverage the best advantage of a connected ecosystem. With seamlessly integrated Decision Engine, API Management, Workflow orchestration and ingrained capability to integrate with  internal & 3rd party systems, Underwriter360 is all-in –one solution, for digital underwriting. It is a Zero Code platform, that can provide the immense agility.

We are the implementing champions of the world’s best seamlessly integrated workflow and rule engine platform that can help organizations effectively discover, govern and manage repeatable business rules, minimize risk and streamline operations to enhance real-time decision-making processes and augment business agility.


Why decision automation?

Our intelligent decision automation solution empowers financial institutions to automate decisions based on rules.

Customers today desire for faster digital experiences and business hanker to reduce costs, making decision automation an unambiguous choice for forward-thinking financial institutions. Intelligent Decision Automation Solution can help financial organizations authorize a loan, detect a cross-selling opportunity, decide on promotion with the highest precision – in seconds!

Why choose ACT21 Software to Automate your Decision Management?

We understand that operational decisions are highly scattered across workflow, processes, data, business rules, market dynamics, and new and legacy systems. Changes in them are required across the board.

Replacing archaic methods and harnessing cognitive technology with explainable artificial intelligence will give banks an edge to meet the competition posed by FinTech companies and increasing cyber-threats. 


Excellent Customer-Centric Engagements – Offering highly personalized customer experience, resulting in 100% satisfaction.
Improved Agility and Regulatory Compliance – Reduce time by 95% to manage regulations, internal and external policies.
Smart Business Decision Alignment – Synchronizing your team’s projects with business goals to achieve higher ROI.
Faster Time to Market – Fasten-up months of turnaround time to merely a few minutes.


We have collaborated with power-packed Business Decision Automation Solution providers like Drools, RedHat, Fico, etc. and we are the premium solution implementation partners with Actico GmbH.

The star-studded features of these tools enable us to provide financial enterprises with a state-of-the-art modern and responsive user interface enabling smarter decision making. We bet! This can help your organization unlock its fullest potential.

Our champion team of experts can sharply understand your business, design customized models, organize and streamline operations of complex business logic and assure flexible integration of decision automation solution with any IT infrastructure.
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