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Incentive Compensation Automation Solution iNCENTIVO is now – HYPERFORM

Despite widespread adoption of automation for other functions in the banks and financial institutions, incentive and compensation largely remain a manual process. About 76% of banks are still using a combination of spreadsheets, e-mail, manual processes, or homegrown systems to manage incentive and compensation payouts. And we have observed, 95% of the times there exists […]

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10 ways to Craft your Sales Incentive Plans and Achieve Pathbreaking ROI!

It is not easy to achieve growth in today’s changing and challenging selling environment. Sales representatives are interacting with informed customers, who are prepared with prior research, and asked to sell new types of complex, digital products. Organizations need to find new ways to motivate all employees to improve performance and increase business value. Considering […]

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How is Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) impacting the BFSI industry

Covid 2019 has literally shaken the world, it has slowed business down, it has hit a pause on our economy and impacted all the sectors you can think about. The most impacted is the financial sector, this perhaps could be the most serious challenge faced by banks and NBFC’s. The after impacts of COVID-19 will […]

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The new-age digital banking and financial sector revolution

Many young urban folks may never know the stress of rushing to the bank either by taking half-day from office or on their lunch break only to be faced with a long queue and a lot of paperwork. Around fifteen years ago, more than half of all banking transactions would take place within the branch […]

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8 Things You Should Look for Before Selecting a Compensation Management Solution

Posted By Sneha Jain on 2/February/20 in Banking,Incentive Compensation Management

“A recent Gallup poll survey revealed that only 2 in 10 employees say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work and 21% employees strongly agree their pay and incentives motivate them to achieve their goals”. We quite agree to that but here is the catch – it’s a […]

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Why Your Incentive Compensation Plan is not Working? Ways to Incorporate an Impactful Plan.

Posted By Nishant Gupta on 1/January/20 in Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive compensation in real life Have you played Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Roadrash or any other video game? What is the most motivating moment for you while playing the game? The increment in levels and incentives associated with it, right? That’s how these games have become an immersive experience, I remember playing Roadrash all day […]

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