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Artificial Intelligence for Reducing the Impact of Bad Loans on Bank

Posted By Sneha Jain on 8/August/20 in Artificial Intelligence,Banking

The COVID-19 outbreak is not only a health crisis but also an economic shock. Economic activities have been abruptly halted by the pandemic. Nations around the world are struggling to contain the virus and its economic impacts. The pain has been felt across industries – due to lack of demand and employee layoffs, the cash […]

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Covid-19 Accelerates Banks’ Move to Digitalization

The economic crisis resulting from COVID-19 pandemic-led lockdown has brought about drastic changes in everyone’s life and the way businesses are done, including the banking industry. While there have been a lot of talks to move to a more digital banking model for almost a decade, the COVID-19 outbreak has coxed the banking sector to […]

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Top 5 ways AI is transforming the insurance industry

The insurance industry is going through a dramatic digital transformation. Technological innovations are accelerating business performance, by enabling insurers to offer better, faster and more accurate coverage. Insurance companies are implementing a wide range of digital technologies to meet ever-changing demands in the market and deliver sustainable operational efficiencies.  AI (Artificial intelligence) is one of […]

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How can AI help Banks in Reducing Operational Costs?

AI implementation in the form of chatbots, digital payment advisors, & biometric fraud detections can improve customer experience & reduce operating costs

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The new-age digital banking and financial sector revolution

Many young urban folks may never know the stress of rushing to the bank either by taking half-day from office or on their lunch break only to be faced with a long queue and a lot of paperwork. Around fifteen years ago, more than half of all banking transactions would take place within the branch […]

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P2P Lending, RBI’s take and Our Take. Propelling the economy?

Posted By Seema Gola on 11/November/19 in Artificial Intelligence

What does RBI think?​ The RBI devised a regulatory framework for all Peer to Peer lending companies, which is categorized as NBFC-P2Ps, conditioned the minimum NOF (Net Owned Fund), set down various regulatory and prudential requirements within this framework. Finally, the P2P lending platform is recognized as an NBFC- P2P industry with better credentials and respect in the mind of […]

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