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Incentive Compensation Automation Solution iNCENTIVO is now – HYPERFORM

Despite widespread adoption of automation for other functions in the banks and financial institutions, incentive and compensation largely remain a manual process. About 76% of banks are still using a combination of spreadsheets, e-mail, manual processes, or homegrown systems to manage incentive and compensation payouts. And we have observed, 95% of the times there exists […]

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Top 5 ways AI is transforming the insurance industry

The insurance industry is going through a dramatic digital transformation. Technological innovations are accelerating business performance, by enabling insurers to offer better, faster and more accurate coverage. Insurance companies are implementing a wide range of digital technologies to meet ever-changing demands in the market and deliver sustainable operational efficiencies.  AI (Artificial intelligence) is one of […]

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How can AI help Banks in Reducing Operational Costs?

AI implementation in the form of chatbots, digital payment advisors, & biometric fraud detections can improve customer experience & reduce operating costs

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